Saturday, February 25, 2012

Healthy Ever After.... A new blog!

Ok friends and Family, I have started a new blog! I know....

I needed a forum to share healthy recipes, tips, and links I'm discovering in our new and improved health-a-thon. Our family picture blog, just didn't seem like the right place. So I have included a link here on our blog, please go on once and awhile to see what's new in our kitchen and in our health journey! I would love to see a ripple effect here or there! Ultimately, this is a good thing for everyone! So again, take it or leave, flip it or shake it, but know our taste buds loved a good cheese burger, fries, and strawberry shake and I wouldn't post anything not yummy enough to.. at least get one thumb up!!! Enjoy!

With love and hope,

Friday, February 17, 2012

Holiday Blessings!

Chloe 9 months old, 6 teeth, starting to stand and sign, growls, and gets into EVERYTHING!!!

My very first Piggy Tails!!!! 9 months.

Look at me Dadda!!!

My Cuties!!!
Messy blueberry face!!! Just had to...
Boys being Boys!!!
So tough...
So sweet!!!!!
Brother LOVE!!!

Get in my belly!!!!

Here comes the attack!

Baby you need a kiss!!!!

Time to kiss the babies!!!
YES!!! Ribbon! Chloe is all about tags and ribbons!!!!

Kai and Chloe!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Chloe's amish look!!!!

Group HUG!!!!
Christmas cuties!

Chilling at my first Christmas!
The framer.

So excited!!! My FIRST Christmas!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall's Here and a bunch of Firsts!!

The Super Heroes: Cheetah Master and Fire Batman!!!!!!!!! :)

Showing off her skills almost three months old!

Do you see the resemblance?
Kai soaking wet after a squirt gun fight with Jake and taking it easy to enjoy the beautiful sunny day!

My handsome, sweetheart!!! I love this photo shoot pose!!!
Three Months Old!!! Check out these new expressions!

This is so my confused look.
This is so happy go lucky Eric.

Some cozy cube moments!

The ladies of the house!

The Threesome of Trouble!


Getting so old! Four months old and happy as a clam!

She loves her Daddy!!!

This was such a lovely night! Fremont, Greek Food, walk by the river, watched the sunset on our porch, boys danced, and we all laughed!!! A true party of five!!!
The drummer....

Doing her tummy time and checking things out!!!

Ahh! Daddy loves Kai! Kai loves Daddy!

Watch out here comes the coo-coo birds!!!

I am at a loss for words!!!

Captain Muustaacho!
Baby Girl trying out her first foods!!! Seems she can't get enough! Runs in the family!

Kai's very, very, very first day of Preschool! He waited so patiently and was so stinking excited to finally get his turn at school! His own teacher, his own friends, his own field trips, his own experience!!! My baby boy is getting so old!!! This was a crazy shoulder shaking reminder of how fast time flies!!! Enjoy the moments people!!!

He was so proud of himself!!! It was so cute!

Checking things out.
This is our new friend Kai. Hi Kai! Brave but Shy Kai!!!!

Mrs. Fenelon- best preschool teacher ever!!!!

Jake's first day of pre-k!!! An old pro, excited and confident, with a pinch of anxiety.

Stop my heart, he looks so old!!! I remember when we welcomed you into our family and now you rule it!!!
Oh this is a little different!

Swimming: A new frontier!!!